Licenses and Certificates

The best sports education for exercise instructors, trainers and club managers in clubs and associations.  

We offer you the opportunity to complete your education or further training in the context of organised sports. We provide you with the training necessary to achieve the prestigious DOSB licenses for exercise instructors, trainers, or club managers, in addition to ESAB (European Sports Academy Brandenburg) certifications for your professional qualification. We’ll get you fit for sports!


Here you will receive the tools of the trade, which you will need for your daily work as an instructor, trainer, course leader or manager at clubs and associations. 

Further Training

We offer a large selection of additional training courses to suit your personal goals – it’s hard to beat this much flexibility and variety. 

ESAB Sports-Camps

Fun paired with performance improvement – an unparalleled experience

Seit 20 Jahren vereinen wir im Sommer Sportsgeist und Freundschaft in den AOK Sport-Camps!

If you have any questions about the programme, the courses or licenses, please contact Mandy Gericke, who will be happy to help you.

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