Sports-related learning without limits

The ESAB sees itself as an educational institution in the areas of sports, health and leisure. Our goal is the advancement of sports through vocational and academic education and training. In addition, the ESAB supports the attainment of DOSB and LSB qualifications for all its employees and volunteers. This social network is our asset – from children’s day-care facilities over schools, to the study-work programme.

The ESAB principle is as follows: Education from one source („Bildung aus einer Hand”). In this way, we can ensure future-orientated, varied and qualitatively outstanding offers in sports education. Furthermore, the ESAB fosters communication, quality of life and personal development within all societal groups in Germany and Europe.

The ESAB: Education from one source

With the ESAB educational facilities, we are able to competently accompany students throughout their career in sports – from licensing, over certifications following the German Olympic Sports Confederation guidelines, to vocational training.

Through the ESAB Board of Trustees and the network of European sports academies we combine competencies and offers, allowing us to forge bonds with our European partners and adjoining regions. This way we are able to guarantee that funding programmes provide a solid foundation for our projects.